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I am passionate about pursuing the rights of clients who have been injured through the negligence or carelessness of others. In addition to physical pain, limitation and emotional suffering, injuries caused by the carelessness of others often result in significant financial hardship including medical expenses and loss of income. 


We conduct a thorough investigation in all cases to discover the facts surrounding the injury and occurrence, and to ascertain all available forms of insurance coverage and all applicable sources of benefits.


Our judicial system of restorative justice allows for awards of money damages as compensation for injuries and consequential damages caused by negligence, and our goal is to maximize that recovery We will protect your rights and pursue all available forms of benefits in the short-term, including no fault or disability benefits, and long term benefits through Social Security Disabiity.


Injuries arising through the negligence of others can occur in many settings, including motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks or buses, premises liability due to dangerous or unsafe conditions, product liability arising out of a dangerous or defective product, or medical malpractice due to the negligence of a doctor or medical professional.


If you have been injured, we will evaluate facts to determine whether any viable claim to recover money damages exists  under New York law.


Although many personal injury cases settle in advance of trial, we prepare every case thoroughly as though it will proceed to trial. Our attention to detail through each phase of investigation, pretrial discovery and trial preparation ensures the best possible outcome through settlement or trial.


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Individuals having a disability lasting for one year or longer and are who are unable to work or engage in substantial gainful activity may be eligible for Social Security benefits through the Social Security Act. Qualifying disabilities include physical disabilities from an accident or from the progression of a medical condition or disease, congenital conditions, and include  psychological and emotional disabilities such as depression, anxiety, bipolar or PTSD. 


There are two types of claims for Social Security disability benefits. Whether a person is entitled to apply for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits, these benefits are significant and economically and powering to those who need them. 


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD) Benefits are available to individuals who have been employed and earned enough credits during their working life to be eligible. If entitled to benefits, they are based upon the individual’s work record over the years, and are not affected by the individuals economic resources.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may be available to disabled individuals with limited income and resources who have no work history, such as children or persons who have been prevented from entering the workforce as a result of disability. These benefits are needs tested, and qualification for these benefits requires proof that the individual’s economic resource levels are within certain defined limits.


Individuals applying for either SSD or SSI benefits often receive a denial. Thereafter, an appeal from that initial denial also often results in another denial. One frequent reason for the denial of a claim is the absence of a fully developed a medical record to support the claimed disability. Disability may be based upon one medical  condition or a combination of several, and may be based upon either physical disability, emotional disability or a combination of both. We will gather and file the medical records needed to fully support your claim.

If your claim for SSD or SSI benefits has been denied, call us at 845.202.0332 for a review and evaluation of your claim and to discuss your rights to appeal from an unfavorable decision. 


We handle transactions involving the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate. 


Buying or selling real estate is often one of the most significant transactions a person will undertake. We strive for attention to detail, and to ensure that each closing occurs in an efficient and timely manner.


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DWI, Vehicle & Traffic Matters

Most people rely heavily upon their privilege to drive an automobile, and take that privilege very seriously. 


When an unexpected event, or perhaps an uncharacteristic lapse in judgement, results in an encounter with law enforcement and the issuance of a ticket and charges to be answered in court, we are here to help defend against those charges and to assist in the preservation of your driving privilege.


We routinely handle DWI and traffic infractions in the local courts. For individuals who do not live  locally, it is often possible for us to appear and handle tickets issued for routine traffic infractions, such as speeding, without the need for your personal appearance.


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